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Why is Tax Day on April 18th This Year?

Unlike most other years, instead of April 15th, this year’s individual tax deadline falls on April 18th. “Well, if the 15th falls on a weekend, it makes sense to move it.” But the 15th is a Saturday this year, so wouldn’t that make April 17th, the following Monday, the new tax day? Nope, not Monday… Read More »

Time’s Almost Up for Taking Required Minimum Distributions

April’s looming income tax return deadline is on everyone’s mind these days, no doubt, but there’s another important tax date arriving even sooner. April 1 is the last day to take initial required minimum distributions (RMD) for the 2016 tax year. That’s only a few days away and since it falls on a Saturday, it’s… Read More »

Save Time with the Georgia Tax Center

As the 2016 tax filing season gets underway, taxpayers in Georgia should be aware of the Georgia Tax Center and everything it offers. The state’s Department of Revenue established the site as a secure, convenient portal to allow tax payments and inquiries of many kinds as well as providing a wealth of information for individual… Read More »

Don’t Overlook The First-Time Penalty Abatement Waiver

Have you heard of the IRS’ First-Time Penalty Abatement (FTA) administrative waiver? Most people have not, and that even includes some tax professionals. This is unfortunate, because the program offers a high potential for saving taxpayers substantial cost in some situations. The FTA was established in 2001 as a way to reward filers with good… Read More »

Tips for Choosing the Right Tax Preparer

If anyone knows how complicated filing tax returns can be, it’s the IRS. After all, they make the rules! With that difficulty in mind, the agency recently emailed information about choosing wisely when selecting a tax preparer, and as a tax preparer myself, I strongly encourage this education. This is important, because no matter who… Read More »

Welcome to the 2016 Tax Filing Season

As of January 23, the IRS filing season is officially open. Hooray! You can now start filing your returns for 2016 any time. In a recent update email sent out by the IRS, they provided useful information about what’s new this year and what you can expect to find as you begin this joyous task.… Read More »

Resources for Small Business Owners from the IRS

Do you ever feel like running your business requires a degree in tax issues? That’s understandable, with all the requirements small business owners have to meet. Beyond helping you stay in compliance, having a good grasp of tax laws and responsibilities can help you run your business better. One great resource to help you stay… Read More »

Don’t Fall for the Student Tax Scam!

If you’ve got a child or grandchild in college, you know how expensive it can be. Now criminals are attempting to make it even more expensive with a relatively new scam targeting college students and their parents. The fraudsters are claiming to be IRS representatives or police and demanding that victims pay up for a… Read More »