Save Time with the Georgia Tax Center

By | March 7, 2017

As the 2016 tax filing season gets underway, taxpayers in Georgia should be aware of the Georgia Tax Center and everything it offers. The state’s Department of Revenue established the site as a secure, convenient portal to allow tax payments and inquiries of many kinds as well as providing a wealth of information for individual and business tax filers.

Save Time with the Georgia Tax Center | Turkey & Taxes BlogThe Georgia Tax Center is chock full of useful information and offers a convenient way to find what you need, along with functionality that lets you make payments, complete various business-related tax duties and check on the status of your refund. The center provides electronic tax return filing opportunities, with tax preparation software and encrypted lines to ensure accurate and secure filing.

Businesses and individual filers alike will find almost everything they need on the site. The tools and information provided allow individuals to:

  • Import and upload files
  • Read instructional documents or watch videos to help them understand the filing process
  • File returns electronically
  • Download and print paper forms
  • Make tax payments
  • Complete installment payment agreements
  • Request a penalty waiver
  • Appeal an assessment
  • Receive an electronic version of Form 1099-G
  • Request notifications if their SSN is included on a return
  • Check the status of a refund

For business filers, the list of services is even more extensive. You’ll find a complete range of instructions, forms and ability to complete requirements related to:

  • Corporate income and net worth tax
  • Partnerships
  • Withholding tax
  • Sales and use tax
  • Motor fuel/IFTA tax
  • Alcohol and tobacco taxes
  • Other fees and excise taxes
  • Tax registration, including registering a new business
  • Business tax updates
  • Viewing correspondence
  • Protesting or appealing assessments
  • Requesting filing frequency changes
  • Viewing account balances

Georgia Tax Center also provides information to help tax professionals, in addition to comprehensive information about Georgia Department of Revenue tax audits.

If you have a question about individual or business tax requirements or need to complete tax-related responsibilities, chances are good that you’ll find what you need on at the Georgia Tax Center. Check there first to save yourself the time and hassle of a phone call or office visit.