Can Your State Pay For Your Blogging?

By | February 25, 2014

shutterstock_127076972As I have said in my previous posts, I am new to the whole blogging concept and still trying to figure it out. In the process of hiring people a lot smarter than I am, I have to learn some basic software to get the thing rolling. If you do not already know how to create a blog, then you have to learn how to create a webpage and use software such as WordPress in order to get your blog out there. This is not something where I could just wing it. If I wanted to do it right, I needed to know the ins and outs of the software. When I was done though, I was more educated and a better professional for it.

Most states take the position that if their taxpayers are learning and being trained on something new, that is a benefit as it makes for a stronger more employable employee within the state. So to encourage business taxpayers to train their employees, most states will offer various types of benefits.

I live in Georgia, and we have a great tax credit that any business is eligible to claim if it meets certain criteria. The basic requirements are that the training has to occur after 16 weeks of employment, it must be technical, it cannot be basic software (e.g. Microsoft Office) and it must be required for their job. There are other stipulations and filing requirements, but those are the big ones. We have taken this credit for a number of our clients and they are always thrilled that they can claim it, as it helps them provide more training for their current employees. If the company has stronger, smarter and more talented employees, then those employees are less likely to leave and the employer benefits from the increased knowledge and skills.

Various other states also have credits or reimbursement plans for the training. Most states, including Georgia, have local community colleges or technical schools. These schools are more than willing to help train your employees or provide students who may already know the software or equipment at very reasonable rates. I am not able to find a single website that lists all the states and their training benefits to offer you, but if you Google “state tax training incentives” each state’s own website pops up and then you can click and read more about it.

So yes, in the right situation, the state may help pay to teach you how to blog.

Remember, the things you read here may have very specific applications and may not apply to you. Please always consult a tax advisor before doing anything you read here to make sure the laws are properly applied to your specific tax situation.